Our service systems ensure the efficient use of the leased areas as follows

Technical development of our properties, updating the technologyTechnical development of our properties, updating the technology

  • Technical development and innovation done to the client’s needs
    • Our approach is characterized by the fact that we assist in the technical development and modernization of our warehouse, workspace and office properties based on the activities of the companies settling here, that is to say we share the costs based on our needs and the needs of the settling companies (typical example: external and internal master builder, mechanical and electrical needs).
  • Real estate development done to the client’s needs
    • In our industrial park, as a result of joint cooperation, we will build new warehouses or industrial halls, finished to completely meet the client’s needs in size, architectural style and technological requirements (warehouse, industrial hall options based on needs and agreement).

Services of the industrial park

    • Services for the leasing fee
      • company seat, service activities
        • servicing of the common areas, technical facilities,
        • securing energy services,
        • taking care of the green area and plants,
        • lighting and cleaning of common areas,
        • keeping the roads clean, snow and ice removal/treatment,
      • 24 hour security services
        • One reception desk service for semi-truck and smaller delivery vehicles, one reception for smaller delivery vehicles and foot traffic,
        • Recorded camera entrance system, security service with patrol dog
      • Car parking
        • daily parking for cars and trucks related to activities in the park is free (for longer term storage of vehicles we can provide aboveground parking areas for an extra fee).
    • Services for an extra fee
      • Rail track and 20 ton portative gantry crane usage
        for the longer term, with a separate cost sharing understanding, we can ensure for you the usage of several rail spurs that can be loaded from ramps and the 20 t portative gantry crane which can be used above the spurs,
      • Dressing room and bath usage
        dressing room and bath services can be requested, based on the usage needs of the client, with cleaning, disinfecting, heating and locking storage locker services included, in a separate building specifically for these purposes,
      • Forklift services with operator,
        our own 2,5 ton front loaders or 5 ton side loaders for hourly fees, single event or continuous contracts,
      • ISDN telephone, internet service usage
        As a contracted partner with ISDN, we can ensure exclusive use of telephone lines, as well as, through our partners, optical cables, and WI-FI networks,
      • Archive services
        archive services based on agreement, single event or continuous contracts,
      • Postal intermediary services
        our back-office personnel can receive and send your letters and packages,
      • Cleaning the leasable units
        our contracted janitorial services partner can do cleaning of general and special surfaces or technology, as well as disinfection tasks for single event or continuous contracts.