About The Industrial Park

Ikarusz Ipari Park elhelyezkedéseThe Ikarus Székesféhérvár Industrial Park, in the ownership of Műszertechnika-Holding Co., has been authorized to use the 'industrial park' title since December 7, 2001. The size of our industrial park is 530,000 m2, the area of usable buildings is 122,300 m2, in which we deal with the leasing and service our private buildings. The elements of our portfolio are industrial halls, warehouses, workspaces and office spaces.

The leasable units can be occupied in a state that is finished to suit your needs, with full services:

  • The modernization or technical development of our properties to suit your activities;
  • Company seat and service costs in the leasing fee;
  • Possibility of halls with cranes or pits;
  • Parking for trucks and cars;
  • 24 hour security, gate service, secure entry system;
  • Customs clearance inside the industrial park;
  • Option for industrial rail and 20 ton crane
  • ISDN telephone lines, optical cables, WI-FI network, cleaning and postal services

There are many businesses operating in our leased areas, the activities of these businesses range from warehousing and logistics to manufacturing of finished products:

  1. Manufacturing, product manufacturing
    • Bus, vehicle structure production, restorations, body and structure polishing
    • Finished steel products production, such as , machine electricity poles, lifting devices, and containers
    • Laser and CNC sheet work, NC-CNC and traditional machine cutting
    • General and structural metal works, aluminum anodizing and galvanizing
    • Metal and plastic shredding
  2. Logistics, warehousing
    • Logistical-type warehousing of electronic products on pallets
    • Storage of crated bulk electronic goods
    • Storage of bulk piece-goods
  3. Office
    • Leasing of complete office buildings
    • LLeasing of smaller and larger office spaces
  4. Other
    • Free area storage of containers and vehicles, training course rental

The property is completely serviced with infrastructure. The Ikarus Industrial Park ensures complete energy services within the property, energy supply system maintenance and/or renovation; in addition, we do all common area cleaning and take care of common area tasks. Main infrastructure attributes: electrical energy – 3 x 400 V, existing capability 2800 kW (can be expanded); natural gas availability – from a 6 bar line, existing capacity is 3000 m3/h; water – from city drinking water supply and from our own well, in drinking water quality; telephone – BOSCH 33 XE, ISDN type phone center.

Our leadership, as well as our operations and technical services team, with the necessary technical specialty and engineering/architectural training and knowledge, have decades of experience and are an indispensable part of successful property management, they are capable of successfully taking on any new challenges.

Best Regards,
Gábor Bolvári
Industrial Park Director

Our business partners regularly and gladly take advantage of műszertechnika-holding co.’s daughter companys’ supply potential and immediate availability:

Ajkai Elektronics Ltd.

Ajkai Electronics Ltd. has been a leader in Central Europe since 1996 for the manufacturing and production of passenger vehicle spare parts. World class metal working technologies – with the use of cold form, welding, mechanical installation and galvanizing technologies we produce passenger vehicle fittings and parts-spare parts (bodywork elements, fittings, hinges, spare parts) to meet the client’s special requirements. Our company has a long term partner relationship with Suzuki, Opel and Toyota.

AE-Plastic Ltd.

AE-Plastic Ltd. manufactures plastic electronic spare parts, in addition, we do electronic and electromechanical assembly work. Among our partners are Magyar Suzuki Zrt., Toyota, Otter, Valeo, as well as Johnson Controls. One of the main reasons for our great market relationships is that our production is offered with design work, and complete supply chain activities.

IK Vehicle Ltd.

The main profile of the company since 1993 is the reconstruction of buses and spare part production. Beside spare parts production, the company primarily does high quality vehicle maintenance, thus the company dues individual and production line bus reconstructions, as well as the mechanical repair, modernization and technical authority testing of the same.

IK Metal Ltd.

IK METAL Ltd. is an internationally recognized player in the markets for the production of vehicle structural elements, trailers and smaller line production of specialized spare parts and tools. We have decades of technical preparation and a complex technological background - CNC edge bending, CNC laser cutter, CNC horizontal machining center. Among the partners of IK METAL Ltd. are Plumettaz S.A., Kasshbohrer T. T. GmbH, Air-Sonic GmbH, Emerson PM, VT-Rendszer-technika Kft., Alcoa-Köfém Kft. and Metaltec Kft.

IK Metal Technology Ltd.

The company has a leading role in throughout Europe since 2008 in the area of metalworking technologies. Its activities extend to the production of autobus doors and spare parts, structural metal products, metal tanks, steel containers, tools and other metalwork products, as well as treatment of metal surfaces, and other metalwork. IK Metal Technology Ltd.’s long term partners include Nabi Kft., Kravtex Kft., and Linamar Hungary Zrt.

IK Technical Assembly Ltd.

IK Technical Assembly Ltd. designs and manufactures steel systems, as well as energetic and other containers. The main activities of this dynamically developing company, since its founding in 2012, are the production of steel structural products, tools and metal storage devices, as well as treatment and working of metal surfaces. We have a partner relationship with General Electric, VT Rendszertechnika Kft, and TOTAL Feuerschutz GmbH.